handspiralAre you looking for Fun Reiki Resources?

Want a deeper connection with Reiki? How about your intuition? Chakras?

Ready to immerse yourself in playfulness and love?

Ready to empower yourself and do what you’ve dreamed of?

If any of those questions triggered a huge YES!!! Then The Playground is for you!

We’re all about Reiki, fun, love, community, chakras, meditating, self-empowerment, and all kinds of awesome.spirally

Come grow with us in The Playground!

Just some of the goodies inside:

  • Private forum.
  • Distant Reiki sent via Reiki box every Monday and Friday for 30 minutes starting at 10pm central time (US).
  • Email Challenges and e-courses.
  • Special video workshops.
  • Everything that is not a group program created during your membership*.
  • And much more!

The Playground is a wonderful library of resources that will help you get closer to your intuition, REIKI, chakras, and more.

What is Included?

Reiki 1 Workbook *Recently improved!*

Reiki 2 Workbook

Rock the Reiki Table

Crystal Healer Manual

Reiki & Chakra Tune-Up Kit

Un-Zombie-Fy Your Life Workbook

21 Days to an Electric Eclectic Spiritual Practice For Reiki Practitioners

Learn to Read Oracle Cards *getting a facelift!*

Reiki Box Video Workshop

Adventures in the Crystal Kingdom: Crystal Basics

3 Week Virtual Reiki Retreat

Reiki Space Clearing Video

Reiki & Candles Video

Open to receiving meditation

Reiki Principles meditation

Chakras meditation

Self Love Meditation

6 Minute Reiki Empowerment

10 Minute Chakra Tune-Up

Chakra Collapse Meditation

Amethyst Meditation

Crystal Communications Meditation

Reiki Empowerment Meditation

Alternate Reiki Principles Meditation

7 Day Reiki Challenge

The 5 Day Reiki & Crystal Challenge

The Great Reiki Chakra Challenge

My Hands All Over Me 5 Day Reiki Challenge

30 Days of Positivity

Ultimate Reiki Helper Kit

Reiki Play-Set

Self Reiki Tracker

Reiki Client Tracker

Reiki Student Tracker

Daily Planner Page

Printable Reiki Messages Oracle Cards

Symbols Worksheet

With more to come!

Take a behind the scenes look of The Playground!


I love all the resources in The Playground. My favorite so far are all the wonderful workbooks!

Elena J.
There is so much to look through in The Playground! I suggest hopping in and taking some of the meditations for a listen. Then when you’re ready to get to work, do the reiki 1 workbook! I can’t wait for The Playground to grow so we can all share our experiences. I’m so excited I could pee myself!
Jessie K.

Who runs the place?

Me, Sierra! I run Reiki Playground and this is an extension of that site. I absolutely adore Reiki and love spreading it around. I also love being silly and being around peeps that love having fun.

You know how reiki practitioners tend to help everyone else, but forget themselves? Screw that! How can you help others if you can’t take time for yourself? I help reiki practitioners reconnect with their skills in a way disguised as fun and games that’s really nurturing self-care so they can be the best they can be for their clients. Do you know any reiki practitioners that give away all their energy and need to take some chill time for themselves and reconnect to what makes reiki awesome?

In The Playground we’re gonna have a blast. Grow our Reiki skills, make new friends, and all kinds of awesome. This is a no judgment zone! If you have an idea we’ll encourage you and give you pointers if it’s something we’ve tried ourselves. If you wanna mix different Reiki flavors go right ahead! The Playground  is for all lineages, skill levels, and Reiki types to live & grow in harmony.

Who is The Playground for?

  • Anyone that is attuned to Reiki in any level, style, and lineage
  • Likes to have fun while doing self-work
  • Looking for resources to help build your Reiki, chakra, meditation libraries
  • If you think you’ll be a good fit 😉

How much does the membership cost?

Sorry not enrolling at this time!

By purchasing a Reiki Playground membership at The Playground you agree to and are bound by everything on the Terms of Services page found HERE. And you have read the Refund Policy HERE.

*Membership does NOT include Crystal Summer Camp (Previously named Reiki Practitioner Certified Crystal Healer Program), or Ignite Your Reiki Passion 6-week program or Reiki Sisterhood.